Thursday, December 21, 2023

K.A.C. 2023 - T - 04 Days ...


1972 - Merry Solstice! Around and around the globe we go, through the centuries and whizzing past the equator, making ourselves dizzy with all the history flashing on by. For a crash course on what this day entails, check out the 'Solstice and Santa' page below - it's a LOT, so clear your schedule!


     You might want to spend a few quiet moments reflecting on the pretty art print above, as it gets SUPREMELY WEIRD from here. Deep breath ... ready? OK, hang on! Remember our '67 entry about the Birmingham Dracula Balloon Parade? Well, imagine if those fine folks were rich, REALLY rich, and money was no object. Now imagine they decided to host a Winter Ball, with the theme of Surrealism ... NOW imagine that maybe, just maybe, there was something a tad more sinister going on ... nothing that could be proved, mind you, but something that made history and was talked about for decades. A few folks through the years have tried to recreate the (black?) magic of this '72 event, with mixed results. When the TAMEST photo is this dinner setting, with the description of 'The dinner plates were covered in fur, while every guest's litany of forks was accompanied by a dead fish', you know you've turned the corner into the Twilight Zone. This is one of the rare times words fail me in how to describe what follows, so I'm not even going to try. Instead, read on and get YOUR best costume ready for 'Black Tie, Long Dresses, And Surrealist Heads: Inside The 1972 Rothschild Ball':


     I know, right? What the Holy Hell was THAT? Now anyone else would ramp it down from there and call it a day, but hey, we've come this far ... for dessert, how about we revisit one of the all-time WORST 'Christmas' films of all time, also from '72, with a budget in the - wait, is there such a thing as negative money? No? OK, then, with a budget in pennies, used, ratty costumes and a (possibly stolen) fire truck, Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny makes K. Gordon Murray look like Orson Welles - the putrid pastiche of a plot can be found here: 

     For a deeper delve into despair, click on the link below:

     For the brave and/or masochistic, RiffTrax took on this disaster and you can view the ENTIRE mess via this link - trust me, this is the ONLY safe way to watch this Christmas Catastrophe!

     There, there, it's all over - dry your eyes, have a drink, get some sleep. We've only got three more entries to go. I'm sure THEY will be better ... ummm, relatively sure ... come back tomorrow and find out!


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