Tuesday, December 5, 2023

K.A.C. 2023 - T - 20 Days ...


     1956 - Now THIS is more like it! There's plenty of Icicle Intrigue going on here for the December issue of Cosmo from '56, including 'What Is Elvis Presley?', and 'The Three Kings' novel, with a painting and a fascinating come-on line that makes this a Must Read - TAKE MY 35 CENTS ALREADY! :P The best part of the mag? GORGEOUS redhead cover model Janet Blair (star of 1962's Conjure Cinema fave film BURN, WITCH, BURN). And before you ask, yes, I HAVE tried to track down the issue - it's not around, either on eBay or the vintage old issues sites, plus the last time it WAS available, it went for $149 - a nice markup from the original 35 cents. Sigh ... now I'll NEVER know how Herod tempted the Wise Men! :( 

     Know who else is tempted by the the beautiful Ms. Blair? THIS GUY! The soul of temptation itself, our mascot, Krampus! Mr. Smooth here, while whispering sweet nothings into this dangerously foolish lasses' ear, is also adorning her with a necklace of chains, the better to drag her to ruin. He's dedicated, that one - whatever it takes. And since this is his night to shine, we have an article below (with some GREAT pictures) to bring those who haven't made his acquaintance up to speed. 


     The K-Man should try CANDY to soften her up - it's readily available, earlier and earlier each year (try the day after Halloween in stores here - SEE YA, THANKSGIVING!) The BBC is on this hot-button topic - just follow the Army of Chocolate Santas to the link:



     Back tomorrow with a look at 1957, the year your humble K.A.C. Curator decided to check in! See you then.


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