Tuesday, December 11, 2018

K.A.C. 2018 - T - 14 ...

     Welcome to the K.A.C. Reader Submission Day, where we turn the entries over to you! A good crop this year, mostly photos and artwork (like this spectacular They Live holiday shot that Tim posted yesterday), so let's get right to it!


     Looking for that last-minute gift for the Whovian on your list AND want something in a holiday vein? Look no further than this Dr. Who audiobook featuring Paul McGann - it's called Better Watch Out and features our mascot KRAMPUS! Interested? The link below leads you to it ...


      We covered Christmas Fails a few days ago and I meant to add the image at left to the list ... that's ONE way to get people talking about the new movie! I honestly thought this was a joke picture, but multiple people sent it to me and said it was an actual display. Good luck explaining that one to the tykes in your shopping cart!


      Also a Christmas Fails Classic, a number of you sent me this story (which I had already seen the day before) ... file under 'Ewe Asked For It'! I'll let this one speak for itself - read the link below!



     And now for a musical interlude ... 'HamilDolph' by Eclipse 6 - thanks to Gi for the song! Give it a listen!



     Last but not least, EVERYBODY needs extra holiday money this time of year, even our mascot! Moonlighting from switchin' and sackin' bad little boys and girls, Krampus is working the register and learning a new skill! Thanks to Mark and others we sent this along! Clean up at register 9 --- from fright!



     Coming tomorrow: it's time to meet 'The Lads' --- they're NOT who you think!

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