Sunday, December 16, 2018

K.A.C. 2018 - T - 9 ...

     NINE DAYS TO GO!!! Stressed out yet? Feel like the fellow here getting berated by the Christmas pudding? Feel free to copy this and tape it to your fridge as a friendly reminder that what you eat over the holidays comes back to haunt you!


     Think YOU'RE already tired of the whole annual rigamarole regarding Christmas? Try being on the OTHER side of the counter this time of year, especially in retail or the restaurant/bar industry. An interesting take on it comes from the photographer of this picture, "Weary In A Winter Wonderland". Read it here! 

       One of my favorite sources for ridiculous 'true stories' back in the day was the Weekly World News, where you would hear about the ubiquitous Bat Boy and his escapades or the always eye-catching 'Face Of Satan' seen in cloud/dog food/shower/etc. They never failed to have some screaming headline to make you impulse buy at the supermarket checkout line. Sadly defunct now, a number of their stories are archived online, like this holiday favorite from 2008: Santa Unfrozen! Turns out it was a regular hazard for the Big Guy back in the day ... my favorite part was the scientific way the Elves saved the day - "Finally, a daring combination of fresh chocolate chip cookies and gamma radiation saved the day. Head of the North Pole research department Sprinkles Von Bohrstein came up with the holiday saving idea to combine Santa’s favorite treat with a gamma powered “Cheer Emitter."" MAN, do I miss this paper! Relive where journalism majors used to go to die here! 

      Occasionally the WWN could surprise you, when they ran out of stories such as "UFO Alien Having Bill Clinton's Baby!", and the like (I'd REALLY like to see what headlines they could come up with today!) - case in point, this touching story of 'Lincoln's Last Christmas Gift' from 2009. 


     And with that, we'll end the K.A.C. on a (admittedly rare) high note - see you tomorrow!

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