Monday, December 17, 2018

K.A.C. 2018 - T - 8 ...

     Good morning! Eight days to go AND a Monday, to boot! With the stresses of the season, a number of people I've talked to are pretty overwhelmed the year, moreso than in year's past. Somehow this particular Krampus painting seems to fit today's entries.

     First up is a look at another round of Creepy Victorian Christmas Cards. We've featured a number of these in previous K.A.C. entries, but there's a good mix of new cards mixed in with the old favorites ... the true stunner in this batch is the third one down, with the rats and cat ... "compliments of the season" - seriously, who would SEND a card like that? Take a gander at what Hallmark's missing out on below: 


Next up is the 'Raging Santa' story - and yes, it happened at yet another UK 'Christmas Grotto' - the headline for this incident is particularly appealing: 'Raging' Santa Angers Parents With Beard-Ripping Tantrum' ... want to know why Kris Kringle went Krazy and yelled at kids to (and I'm quoting here) "Get the F*** out!"? Of course you do - read on!


     We've written before about the Julbocken, or Yule Goat. A new article just came out with more observations of its beginnings and its annual (fiery) end - check out 'The Pagan Origins of the Yule Goat' below!


     We'll 'wrap' up today's column with this article from The Guardian (UK) answering some of the more pressing questions of the season, such as, "What exactly IS a mince pie?" and "How do you pay for a maid-a-milking'?" Satisfy your curiosity here!


     Coming Tomorrow: We're coming up to the ONE WEEK mark - which means our annual visit from our favorite Three Dwarfs and more!     

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