Tuesday, December 4, 2018

K.A.C. 2018 - T - 21 ...

     Welcome back! Today we tell you about the first of our Winter Wonderland Washouts ... ever since I started this blog, EVERY SINGLE YEAR there has been some variation of this disaster, and this year is no exception! Bootsie's not happy about it, are you, Bootsie? Well, let's let these kind folks know what's got you fur all tangled, shall we?

      Let's go back to the source this year for all things Santa-like. Where, you say? Why, beautiful Lapland, of course! Home of Santa's reindeer! Home of sleigh rides, snowmobile races and husky races - sound like fun? You bet it does! And a HUGE number of tourists from the UK and elsewhere all head over there this time of year to awe and delight their little tykes with the wonder of it all. And what's the one common thing all these events need to pull it off? Wait for it ... what's ALSO the one thing that is NOWHERE to be found this year in beautiful Lapland? If you answered SNOW, go to the head of the class!

     Yep, that ol' debbil global warming has caught up to Santa Park and the other tourist attractions - and the parks are doing SERIOUS damage control in order to try and save their (dry) seasons, to the point of BANNING their 'Elves' from reporting this on social media! Sadly for them, the cat is already out of the bag (see what I did there, Bootsie? Just for you!) 

     Read TWO accounts, along with some pretty sad pictures, of what these arid meccas look like at the moment, and how the owners and operators are PRAYING for a Christmas Miracle ... so they don't lose their shirts!



     Coming Tomorrow: A new 'addition' to your Christmas Tree headlines our breaking news tomorrow - be warned!

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