Sunday, December 23, 2018

K.A.C. 2018 - T - 2 ...

     Our next to last day begins with this great Doc Savage Fantasy Cover by Keith "Kez" Wilson - he knocks it out of the park again with 'The Terrible Tree' ... and who's that in the background (click on the picture for a close-up look)?! Today we have an Aural Odyssey for you, an assortment of audio you won't hear anywhere else - such as:

You're only 48 hours away from deadline: the presents, the visiting relatives, the crammed house full of family and friends ... you're going to need something to listen to while you clean and wrap presents and all the hundred and one other things you need to do before people arrive. How about an aural time travel back to 1974 and K-mart holiday music? Even typing that sounds weird, but the link below is quite perky - just the thing to have on in the background while getting chores done - give it a listen!

       Before you go, there's one other song you should make sure you listen to today. On Christmas Eve, it is celebrating its 200th birthday. Read which song it is and the story behind it here:

     Once the music has gotten you in the proper Christmas spirit and the chores are done for the day, why not settle in with a hot beverage and a comfy chair and listen to a new take on a Christmas Classic - like what? How about Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol read by Neil Gaiman? I thought that make you perk up and take notice! Find it here! utm_content=Neil+Gaiman+Reads+A+CHRISTMAS+CAROL+for+Christmas&fbclid=IwAR3bGmgbnp4Z_dFIa44uKf7Vb08szNpI7_t4CseXBgqAf976rAZ76gw6HeU

       Somehow, given what the K.A.C. has come to stand for over the years, that Gaiman reading is far too high(brow) a note to end today's entry on ... not to worry, I have JUST the thing! From the recent film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse comes A Very Spidey Christmas, an album that is a blatant cash grab - and knows it! Click on the link below and even if you can't bring yourself to listen to the entire album, just give a listen to the first link, 'Spidey Bells', sung in best William Shatner fashion by Chris Pine! It starts all jolly and festive, then goes into FULL-ON existentialist crisis mode! One of the funnier meta holiday songs I've heard this year:


     Coming Tomorrow: Our Final Entry of 2018 and a fittingly chilling way to wrap up the K.A.C. - we hope you'll join us!

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