Saturday, December 22, 2018

K.A.C. 2018 - T - 3 ...

     Well, hopefully not! Let's see the contents for today ... hmm, yep, yep, check - no, I take it back, the card is pretty spot on! :)

     That being said, let's dive right in!  First up we have multiple last-minute reports on this year's most eccentric trees, including this Christmas (K)night tree - nice! To see more, click below:



      Next up, another Christmas, another demon-possessed last-minute doll for Christmas! Now some of us might take the high road and say 'computer chip malfunction', but that's not going to bring The Sun running! Look at the footage of the 'must-have' Luvabelle doll and decide for yourself!

     A few days ago (on T - 13, to be exact) we regaled you with the story of the Yule Lads, the 13 mischevious elves of Iceland who come and check in on if the children have been good or bad during the year. BBC Travel had a recent article that explains why this is taken so seriously by the kids and just how ingrained and invested the population is in believing the elves (or 'Little People' as they are known) are real - try 62% of folks DON'T think they are a fairy tale! For an interesting read (and great photos), go here:

      Let's wrap this day up with something I think you ALL will enjoy - the Predator vs. Santa Holiday Special!   =:O !!! Think elves are all warm and fuzzy? Watch as Sprinkles gets revenge when the Predator comes to the North Pole, in the best stop-motion short this side of Robot Chicken - Happy Holidays indeed!


     Coming Tomorrow: Our next to last entry for 2018 - come on back!          

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