Saturday, December 8, 2018

K.A.C. 2018 - T - 17 ...

     Good morning and welcome back! Three weeks to go - need a little visual push to buy, buy, buy? Not from the crass American ads, but from our annual Peek Across the Pond at the UK commercials from the major stores. They go ALL OUT and compete to see who has bragging rights for Best Christmas Ad each year. Well, THIS year we already have a 'dark horse' (or, in this case, orangutan) - from an Irish Greenpeace ad with both stunning animation and an important message ... so much so, it was BANNED from being shown on television for being "too political" (read: making you think where the Christmas items you're buying are REALLY coming from) and having the capacity to scare children! All the UK papers reported on it; to see the ad itself and more on the story, follow The Sun's link below: 

     Not to be outdone, the CATS Protection Christmas ad is making the rounds of the Internet and is based on a true story, that of the bond between 11-year-old Evie and her cat Genie. But it's not just a story about their friendship - it's about their time together (and apart) during a very stressful year. Rather than tell you more, how about you click on the link below:

     What the heck, I hear you say! Aren't there any HAPPY ads this year? Well, yes, but Not Just Yet ... first, take a look at our last entry in the Crying Christmas Contest - the most impressive part of this ad? It was made for less than £50!

     OK, let's reverse course here and get to the more cheery UK ads of the year. First up is perennial pixie Holly Willoughby with the Marks & Spencer ad, the theme of which is "Must Haves" - take it away, Holly! 

     Next up is M& S's main competitor, John Lewis, and their advert is rather interesting and well done, even though it does slide a bit back into maudlin territory. Starring and focusing on Sir Elton John, it's a 2 1/2 minute time-traveling epic that shows the importance of how Just The Right Gift can influence someone's life. Take a peek! 

     Our award for Most Misguided Ad of 2018 goes, hands down, to Sainsbury's for their school Christmas pageant tale. It's become a bit on an Internet sensation, unfortunately, for all the wrong reasons, namely 'Plug Boy' (seen at right). Give it a look and ask yourself, "What the hell kind of school is this that has the budget to pull this kind of performance off?" It will help (temporarily, at least) take your mind off of Plug Boy!

     Finally, we wrap up with a charming ad from Tescos, celebrating family and family differences, namely, "How Do You Do Christmas?" And here I was worried it would be a year without the ubiquitous sprouts, but here they are! Enjoy!


     Coming Tomorrow: From ads that work to ads that HORRIBLY FAIL, we take a look at this year's WORST ads, including a few that should have NEVER seen the light of day!

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