Thursday, December 20, 2018

K.A.C. 2018 - T - 5 ...

     Welcome back to our Final Five! Today we present not Five Golden Rings, but something much more interesting: Five Christmas Ladies Who Can Supplant Santa This Holiday Season, including Gryla, La Befana (pictured at left) and more (thanks to Robin for the link!): 

     We've written about some of these delicate flowers before, such as our entry on Frau Perchta back in 2014: 

     For a more detailed look at her less than savory side, go here:

      As a public service, we should mention that due to global warming, children should no longer be addressing letters to Santa at the North Pole ... for a guaranteed answer, they should be sending them to Himmpfort, Germany instead! It's a bit hard for me to explain, so why not go here and read all about it:

      I've always had a hunch this whole 'eight reindeer and one sleigh around the entire world in one night' was a bit of a scam ... this animated short from the BBC explains the TRUTH! :)

Photo courtesy of Creepy Classics
     Finally, if it's still TOO SOON for some of you to give up on your OTHER favorite holiday, and by that I mean Halloween, take a cue from Brenda Troup of Vandergrift, Pennsylvania, and make some GingerFrank cookies! The best of both worlds! :)

     Coming Tomorrow: Only 4 more to go!

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