Friday, December 21, 2018

K.A.C. 2018 - T - 4 ...

     You had ONE JOB - just put five columns in a row for the Christmas display while waiting to talk to ... ummm ... check out the newest and WORST Christmas Fails of the year here! 


     To spare you from MORE fails, we've got Exact Instructions on the Do's and Don't of How To Have A Successful Christmas Dinner - you want FESTIVE, we GOT FESTIVE! Just look at that photo on the right ... that little girl's look on her face is a slow burn reminiscent of the final shot in Polanski's REPULSION ... tick, tick ... 'festive' ... check it out here:

     And speaking of Christmas dinner, we've got it all prepackaged and prepared for you ... by robots! That glassy-eyed killer stare from the girl above should have warned you this was coming! In this BBC Future article, an AI was tasked with coming up with the ingredients for a full-course Christmas dinner and the results were cooked up - read here for the taste test!

      You're going to need some appropriate music to listen to while choking down your functionally nutritious dinner - that's where the AI Christmas Carols come in! Our Robot Overlords have been working hard to come up with newer, creepier algorithms for you to learn, including 'Syllabub Chocolatebells' and 'Peaches Twinkleleaves' - get your singing voice ready and join in! 


      Coming Tomorrow: Our final three entries - can you feel the panic setting in? 'Cause these folks you'll read about sure can!


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