Wednesday, December 19, 2018

K.A.C. 2018 - T - 6 ...

     Pssst ... Santa! It's only six more days 'till Christmas! Shouldn't you be - you know - supervising the elves or something? What's that? Automation? Uh, oh ...

     Santa actually works his butt off all December at the malls, plus his one night around the world gig on Christmas eve, so hey, he's entitled to take the rest of the year off, right? Want to know just HOW MUCH he makes in one month? Read here: 

      Have your holiday cards gone out yet? No? You're pushing it, buddy - time's a'wastin' ... if you need inspiration for a nice family holiday photo card, maybe THESE will help!

      If you're a parent (or know someone who is), what is the one TRUE bane of Christmas Eve? Trying to get your hyped-up kids to bed, right? They're bursting with anticipation and you just want some peace and quiet so you can put the presents under the tree and get to bed yourself. Well, speaking of automation, there's a bedtime story app that swears it can get your kid to bed in 20 minutes on Christmas Eve - heck, most parents would like that year round! Called Moshi Twilight, it combines a story with soothing sounds - check it out:

      Our final surprising link regards a secret villain. If your Christmas tree is already wilting, even though you've watered it faithfully and given it plenty of sunshine, it may be because of a surprise culprit - and we thought these things were supposed to be healthy!


   Thanks to The Sun (UK) for all of today's links - I can always count on them for the K.A.C. news that matters!


     Coming Tomorrow: We begin the Final Five!


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