Monday, December 15, 2014

K.A.C. 2014 - T - 10 ...

     This just in - DON'T let the reindeer in your house! Oh, sure they LOOK cute when you first bring them home ... but they are NOT housebroken and they SHED like crazy ... and then you wind up with THIS. A public service message from the K.A.C. - and now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

     Ten days to go, frantic ones! If you're truly stuck for that hard to buy for person on your list, maybe some of these suggestions will help! Let's continue with Quint's List from Ain't It Cool News, Part 2.

     The list begins with a ton of books, with topics as varied as The Art of _________ (these have caught on heavily in recent years, showcasing preproduction art on many blockbuster films) to retrospective interviews with directors, etc. 

     One retrospective book I was particularly pleased to see on the list this year is this book by Taschen Publishers. Our friend Joann gave my son the 75 Years of DC book a while back and it is H U G E, to the point it could probably take out a small animal if it fell on them! I've spent the better part of a year reading it, on and off, and am nowhere near done with it. I remember when I first saw it saying, "I WISH they would do one of these on Marvel Comics!" (being the Marvel whore that I am) - lo and behold, here it is! If it is anywhere near as comprehensive as the earlier volume, I'll be reading this in the nursing home! If you've got a 'True Believer' on your list, here's the link!

     The list continues with the release of a LOT of new vinyl LP pressings various film soundtracks and other albums. Yes, vinyl LPs are actually making a comeback! Even more near and dear to my heart is the Galaxy of the Guardians mix tape that was actually released on audio cassette tape! Yeah, I'm old, deal with it! :)

     If cooking is more your dish, then look no further! We always knew R2D2 was a handy little droid, but now he can help you in the kitchen, as well, by disassembling into four different sized measuring cups! The best part? This bit of culinary magic will only set you back $20! Go see! 

     R2 can also be found as a wine bottle cork and pizza cutter - NO, not at the same time! Even he's not that versatile!

     There is SO much more to see on the list that I don't have room for here, from the H.R. Giger Alien beer bottle opener to the Han Solo frozen in carbonite shower curtain (THAT would go over well on a dark night), but my personal favorite item (and one that needs to teleport into my basement man cave STAT) is the TARDIS mini-fridge! It's just the thing for hungry and thirsty Time Lords!


     To see all the rest of the amazing items, go here:


     Come back as we wrap up this year's holiday shopping guide next time!     

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