Tuesday, December 9, 2014

K.A.C. 2014 - T - 16 ...

         The bad news: due to budget cuts this year, Santa had to let the reindeer go. The good news: CORGIS!  :)

     Which leads us to today's topic - holiday gifts for your pets. Having lived with dogs and cats (and the occasional bird) while growing up in various stages of my life, I can tell you one thing: save your money on cats. No matter WHAT you buy them, they're going to go for the box, every time. Oh, and food ... they'll ALWAYS go for food! :) Cat food, human food, dog food, doesn't matter - true story: my grandfather had a cat (name Smoky) who grew up living with hunting dogs and thought nothing of gnawing on dog bones just like the big guys! :)

     Dogs are another story - they love ANYTHING you give them. So with that in mind (and to exercise your inner geeky-ness), here's some ideas to separate your favorite pooch from the pack.

     First up is the Star Trek Dog's Bed Captain's Chair (although if you have dogs and cats living in the same house, I can pretty much guarantee that Kitty's going to go all Romulan on the poor dog's ass and claim it for her own) - let the 'Captain' have a cushy seat after a long day of guarding your place from Klingon incursions (aka 'mailmen'), Cardassian spies (aka 'UPS'), etc. Also makes a great hangout for future (human) Enterprise Captains and their Star Trek onesies (oh, yeah, they're out there). Can't live without it? Here's the link where you can 'make it so'! 



           I TOLD you they were out there! Because I know somebody reading this is going to want to know where they can get a Star Trek onesie for their favorite kid/niece/nephew/etc. Or if you've got a kid on your list you really DON'T like, you can always get him or her the red onesie ... that's all I'm sayin'.  Find them here!


     Back to our four-legged friends - when the 'Captain' needs to 'tour the ship' (aka 'go walkies'), he or she can step out with you and be the talk of the Quadrant with this Alien Facehugger Dog Leash! Is anyone else worried they couldn't get a real dog to model this? Is there something they're not telling us about this item? There's a reason this is a dog leash ... you'd never get 'Jonesy' in one of those! It's crazy expensive for a leash (try $150 expensive), but I know (and you do, too) some folks who think NO cost is too much for their 'li'l Starship Captain' ... check out the link for ever more pics and how you can get yours!



     Stop back in the next few days as we unleash more one-of-a-kind items for the humans on your shopping list!

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