Friday, December 5, 2014

K.A.C. 2014 - T - 20 ...

     Snoots the Reindeer says, "Hey, what's Rudolph got that I don't have, huh? Why's everybody so excited about HIM this time of year?" Poor Snoots ... 

     Don't feel bad, Snoots! You could have been a star in this video:

     Let's leave Snoots to ponder that for awhile and turn to other problems, namely Christmas dinner. Are you tired of cooking all day for the family and not being helped and/or appreciated for your efforts? Are you ready to throw in the towel? Don't you wish you had the day off to relax and enjoy yourself? Well, we're here to help at the K.A.C. and we've got you covered for the Big Day. How, you say? Catered food? Take-out from a restaurant? Pssshhh - anybody can do that! No, what we have in mind is a little more ... special.

     Presenting the 2014 edition of the 'Christmas Tinner', an entire day's worth of Christmas meals all in a can! Starting with the breakfast scrambled egg and bacon and working your way down to the turkey and potatoes, stuffing and veggies, and finishing off with the traditional Christmas pudding - YUM! 

     We've featured these before in past editions of the K.A.C., but I was taken by the description of this one - talk about a sign of the times! The Christmas Tinner was designed specifically for gamers who couldn't tear themselves away from their consoles and the new video games they received for Christmas. Yes, you read that right ... rather than sit down with friends and relatives for a traditional feast, they would rather keep gaming with one hand and spoon this slop into their pie holes with other - you don't even have to warm it up! Just pop the lid and dig in - oh, did I mention you'll know when you've hit a new layer as they're all separated by a thin coating of gelatin? Makes your mouth water just thinking about it, doesn't it? To learn more (and to despair about the future of our race), go here: 

     Finally, if you're still steamed about having to make dinner and now being IGNORED by your gamer friends/family/etc., we've got you covered again! You're still on the hook for dinner itself, but you can take out your aggressions while making that meal with these handy-dandy Zombie Cutting Boards! Uncle Bob telling his 'funny' stories for the fifth time? WHACK goes a leg! Grandma Fran in the sauce already and insulting everybody in sight? THWACK goes an arm! The whole damn cacophony too much to bear? SWOOSH! Off with their heads! Dinner will be ready in no time and it will be cathartic for you! They come in three designs and various woods and are just the thing for the much-beleagured cook on your list (or while watching HANNIBAL) - click here to get yours! 

     All this talk about food has made me sleepy ... back tomorrow with more!    

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