Monday, December 22, 2014

K.A.C. 2014 - T - 3 ...

     Three days to go! I've touched on many aspects of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol over the years (for example, my December 21st, 2011 entry) and still more trivia continues to come to light!

     It turns out the character of Ebenezer Scrooge was based on a real person, who was actually a bit of a rogue and not at all like the character Dickens wrote. He became the man we know and love due to a mild case of dyslexia and poor eyesight. Read the whole amazing tale here!

      I would be remiss if I didn't mention the passing of Norman Bridwell on December 12th. He was known the world over for his series of Clifford, The Big Red Dog books. Less known, however, is his own take on the season called The Witch's Christmas. It's a charming children's book about how different it is when you're a witch and how you approach the holiday season. She even saves Santa and the reindeer at the end! To learn more about a part of your childhood woefully ignored, go see The Paperback Pirate's writeup:


      Christmas Witches not weird enough for you? Want to stand out and be noticed at the Holiday Party? Say no more! Just slip into this Reindeer Superhero costume and you're ready to take on the world (or a furry convention). There's also Basic Santa Man (that just sounds so sad), Goldmember Santa and Santa's Big Head Suit! Come on, how can you have not figured out these are all Japanese Christmas costumes by now? Stare in shock and awe at the link below!

     Only two more entries to go!      

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