Tuesday, December 23, 2014

K.A.C. 2014 - T - 2 ...

     Welcome to our next to last offering of 2014 - it's time for our Image(s) of the Year! First the nice ... seriously, was there ever any doubt what it would be this year? Since Krampus has been our official K.A.C. mascot from the beginning, this one was a shoo-in. 

     Now to the 'naughty' ... rather than publish the image itself, I'm going to provide the link and you can choose to see it or not - I'll give you some hints. It is reminiscent of our very first Image of the Year back in 2008 (which I republished in 2012). It also has a similar theme to a Fox 'documentary' hosted by Jonathan Frakes in 1995. And I think that's about all I'm saying in the clue department - if you thought the 'shaved reindeer' from a few days back was unpalatable, then you might want to skip clicking on this:


      Think that was something? Well, kids, we've saved the most astonishing for last! The literary trend called 'paranormal romance' hit its peak a few years ago with Twilight and all its sequels ... as a result, every kind of 'vampire romance' flooded the shelves. When that cooled off, it moved on to sexy werewolves, etc. I had figured these kind of books had run their course - sadly (or not), I was wrong ... so, so wrong. 

     When my wife first told me this existed, I refused to believe her. She finally had to show me the link and I just stared agog at it - I'd say somebody is going to get Krampus' switch for this, but given the audience it is aimed at, they would probably like it! Rather than take my word for it, why not take a look at the link below and read the book's full description:


     As jaw-dropping as that is, it's still not the most outrageous title out there! At this point, I don't even know how you classify these - 'mythological romances', 'crypto-erotica', etc. - I give up. If A Kiss From Krampus is too 'weak sauce' for you and you want to step up your game, then you're probably ready for the 'Moan For Bigfoot' anthology (NOT its real name ... see below!) ... I wish I was making this up! We're nothing if not gluttons for punishment here at the K.A.C., so in the spirit of completeness, here's the link:


     And (since I know you're going to ask) NO, I haven't read either of these titles! :)



     Well, that went a lot darker than I intended for our next-to-last entry of the year.  C'mon, seriously, you want to make out with THAT? Krampus is not amused! Let's end this column with a more traditional look at all things Krampus and the group dedicated to making sure the Big Guy will be terrifying ne'er-do-well children for generations to come - see the link below! Make sure you watch the accompanying video!



     One more entry to go as we put the K.A.C. to bed for 2014! I promise it will be a lot more sedate than today's craziness! See you tomorrow!

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