Sunday, December 21, 2014

K.A.C. 2014 - T - 4 ...

     Before we get going on today's entry, I wanted to wish the Ideals Company congratulations on their 70th Anniversary Christmas Edition this year! I wrote about my long-standing relationship with this annual magazine and the teacher who started me on it - see my blog entry of December 20th, 2010 for the full story.

     The magazine began in 1944, during the height of World War II. I have many of the early issues and was struck particularly by the war-year issues, which I wrote about in my December 24th, 2011 entry. Anyways, I'm glad the magazine is still going strong all these years later - it marks my personal beginning of the holiday season each year, buying the new edition in late November. Here's to many more!


      Here's a nice surprise - Marvel's 2014 Holiday card featuring everybody's favorite sentinent Christmas tree, Groot! Sadly, everyone involved dropped the ball on what could have been the 'must have' toy of the season - a dancing Baby Groot (as seen at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy). The popularity of the film caught the studio off-guard and the rush to come up with tie-in products was delayed as a result. There IS a Dancing Groot Bobblehead out, but it's not the same ... the ACTUAL Dancing Groot is coming, BTW ... it just won't be here before 2015. 


      We're almost done here for the year and we've barely mentioned our K.A.C. mascot, Krampus! Turns out he's been getting a bad rep this whole time - but don't take it from us! When an Oscar-winning actor takes up the Krampus mantle, you've GOT to listen! Take it away, Christoph Waltz!


     Last but not least, we're two days away from the Image of the Year. How can we top the shaved reindeer, you ask? By embracing the spirit of the season and nominating TWO photos ... one naughty and one nice! Check back with us for their unveiling - more tomorrow!   

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