Wednesday, December 14, 2016

K.A.C. 2016 - T - 11 ...

     Ya know, I'm starting to wonder if Santa may have a second career with the NSA - all this spying and sneaking around can't be healthy! Or maybe he's just using those binocs to try and get your credit card info - or to get a glim at exactly WHAT strange things you're buying this year - what's that, you say? YOU don't buy bizarre items for your friends and family every year! REALLY? Hmmm ... if you're a regular reader to these pages, that may be a little hard to believe - especially as we present the 2016 edition of Quint's (of Ain't it Cool News) Holiday Gift Guide!

     In Part 1 he covers Blu-rays/DVDs, Art and Music. Be warned, this list is SO comprehensive it will take you hours to get through --- here are some of my personal favorites from this list. First up: DVDs.

      We begin with this documentary on my favorite filmmaker and stop-motion animation pioneer, Ray Harryhausen. I had the pleasure to meet Ray and his wife Diana over the years and with my friend Mark had dinner with them once where we picked his brains about all his films (with questions I'm sure he had heard thousands of times before) and the most pleasant surprise was that he was just like us: a Monster Kid at heart. I've seen (and own) all the documentaries done on him and his career over the years, and this one (released shortly before his death in 2013) is by far the best. If you want a glimpse behind the door to see how the magic was made, this is the one for you! Here's where you can get your own copy!

           OK, before you all freak out about the next choice here, let me clarify up front: this is NOT one of my favorite films, but it IS the one I always use in a long-standing lament with my wife Laura - and, actually, this very topic just resurfaced AGAIN this past weekend! It goes something like this - I mention to her, "You know, NOBODY ever talks about Shakespeare and mentions me in the same breath ... it's always something like, "Hey, I just saw a movie called THE SINFUL DWARF and thought of you!" ... or, "Hey, I just saw a movie called THE CURIOUS DR. HUMPP and thought of you!" ... or ... you get the idea. Anyways, friends of mine didn't believe this was a real film ... it ABSOLUTELY is and here's the newly released Blu-ray to prove it! And it's every bit as demented as it looks ... not that I would know ... Crap, there goes my Shakespeare cred for 2016, as well!  :(  For the TRULY curious, here you go ... just don't tell anyone I told you where to find it!

     A number of people don't just want a DVD of their favorite film - they want to have something to DISPLAY when company comes over. What better item than this 30th Anniversary edition of LABYRINTH, with this trippy M.C. Escher staircase replica from the ending of the film? Jennifer Connelly should have LET David Bowie keep her irritating brother, am I right? You know I am! Want it? Here's the link:

     For the complete list covering ALL genres, go here: 
     In Part 2 of the Guide, Quint covers Books, Board Games, Video Games and Geek Apparel - there is SO much stuff here to see that I'm just going to post the link - here you go!

     The one piece that I WILL feature is this awesome Twilight Zone sweater! Check out the rest of their line of Christmas Sweaters, including Deadpool, Superman, Spider-Man, Star Wars, Star Trek, Fallout and the Krampus Christmas Sweater that your Humble Curator breaks out every year when the weather turns cold! Here's the link for the Twilight Zone sweater ... now where's my 'showing my age' LOST IN SPACE Sweater ???

      Part 3 of the Guide covers 'Geeky Housewares, Toys, Collectibles and Rich Stuff' and if you thought the first two parts were comprehensive for the fanboy or fangirl on your list, you ain't seen nothin' yet! There's something for EVERY room of the house and for every budget (and fan following). Continuing for a minute on the Twilight Zone theme, I'm rather taken with this full size vinyl door decal - I'm seriously considering getting one of these to put on my basement door, instantly converting it from an entrance to my man cave/home theater to 'a portal to another dimension' ... which, come to think of it, IS a pretty good description of my basement! :) Want your own? Here's the link - the best part? It's reusable! That's right - mess with your family by putting it on DIFFERENT doors when they're asleep - hours of fun!

     Between the three parts of this list, there are HUNDREDS of items to choose from, something for almost EVERYONE on your list (including your pets)! I'd be remiss if I didn't mention two other favorites of mine from Part 3, the Lego TARDIS set from Doctor Who and the Flying F*** Drone for those of you who are SO over the whole holiday thing already! Finally, the item that tops out this years' list as the most expensive one of them all? None other than a life-sized GODZILLA! :) Just to be clear, that's 'human'life-sized, NOT Godzilla life-sized. How much will this bad boy set you back? ONLY $39,967 ... PLUS shipping! I know at least one person reading this who would instantly buy this if they had the money (no, NOT me ... well, OK, TWO people if I'm including myself) - take a look!

     For the rest of the amazing items in Part 3 of the Guide, click on the link below! 


     Coming Tomorrow: It's Christmas Potpourri Day, a delightful mish-mash where we throw EVERYTHING up on the page and see what sticks! Don't worry about the mess ... we're even featuring something to clean up the WORST stink and make things smell great ... and that's all I'm saying until tomorrow!   

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