Tuesday, December 13, 2016

K.A.C. 2016 - T - 12 ...

     With less than two weeks to go, we shift our attention to the SHOPPING part of the K.A.C. and, as in years past, we take a look at what the insanely rich are getting (and giving) this year - in other words, a quick look at the 2016 Neiman-Marcus Fantasy Gifts! The gifts range from $25 to a new record - $1,500,000! 

     You can choose from a walk-on role in a Broadway musical, a week's vacation at three English estates, your very own private plane (in Rose Gold, no less) and my personal favorite (and I'm sure the favorite of all the book lovers in our audience), the curated collection of 36 Caldecott Medal-winning children's books - for a pittance - only $100,000 !!! 

     To read about ALL of this year's entries, go here:


     Operators are standing by! 

     Actually, the selections this year are pretty tame and a FAR CRY from their weirder offerings from years past - such as, you ask? How about His & Hers CAMELS? Or your very own NOAH'S ARK, complete with livestock? And the hands-down, no-contest CREEPIEST entry comes from 1972 with your very own Personalized Mannequin! To see all the jaw-dropping selections, click on the link below:


     Neiman-Marcus too 'bougie' for you? Got a mad hate on for these people with too much money and too little sense? Boy, do I have someone YOU want to meet! 

     Drew Magary has just HAD IT with the over-priced, pretentious crap like the Rabbit Electric Corkscrew (seen at left) and goes off 'Bigly' in his '2016 Hater's Guide to the Williams-Sonoma Catalog' - take a look!



     Coming Tomorrow: Enough of these fancy-pants gifts - what about the things a poverty-stricken fanboy or fangirl can afford? Tune in tomorrow!

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