Monday, December 19, 2016

K.A.C. 2016 - T - 6 ...

     Good morning! We're winding down the K.A.C. with only six days to go and, just like this slightly-demented Santa, are getting set for the holiday parties. And what makes a good holiday party? Good food and drink, good friends to spend time with and relax, knowing that another year is almost done. What else? How about some unobtrusive holiday music playing gently in the background? How about along with it a nice relaxing video of a cheery fireplace, logs all aglow, setting the mood? Seriously, I hear you say, a cheesy fireplace video? Nope, try FIVE cheesy fireplace videos! But that's not the best part - try a holiday fireplace video set at the homes of Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Ms. Marvel PLUS the Guardians of the Galaxy's spaceship (complete with Dancing Baby Groot)!  All five are in 4K HD video and all an hour long, each set to reflect the character ... give them a look (and a listen) - and look at the assorted rooms for Easter (Christmas?) Eggs!

     As mentioned yesterday, we ran out of space during our look at the top 2016 holiday ads and never got a chance to look at some of the vintage ads from years past. Let's take a moment now to rectify that error. 
      The most famous vintage Christmas ad is making a resurgence all over the Web this season, which makes me happy as I remember seeing this when it originally aired. I was nine years old (and it is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary, first airing in 1966, so you do the math!) - give it a look! 

     Less well known, but also by R.O. Blechman and aired the same year was this ad called 'A Child's Wish', which deserves a new audience as well: 

      The most insidious commercial from my childhood had to be the Norelco Santa series. These ads started a few weeks before Christmas and ran All The Time - there was no way to avoid them. They were on every night, on every channel. Looking back, I can't imagine the advertising budget they must have had for these, as they ran for years and years. Heck, half the kids my age (myself included) believed Santa traded in the reindeer for one of these shavers to ride around on! Take a look at the link below for a selection of the stop-motion Santa's shaver shenanigans! 

      There's FAR too many to go into in this small post, but if you want more and feel the urge to be sucked into a Holiday Time Sink, here's a link to 100 vintage Christmas TV ads - see how many of these you remember!

     Finally, we'll end with an ad that SHOULD have been added to yesterday's post, but I ran out of time and space. This one is another serious contender for best holiday ad. The company is Allegro, the ad is Polish and it is called 'English For Beginners' - enjoy! 

     Coming Tomorrow: These last five days are just as hectic for us here at the K.A.C. as they are for you, the readers. So expect a number of different topics as I try to fit in all my remaining tales before I run out of room (as happens every single year, I might add)!

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