Friday, December 23, 2016

K.A.C. 2016 - T - 2 ...

     So in our penultimate entry of the K.A.C. for 2016, we are left with a series of questions regarding our Weird Christmas Card entry, namely Mom forbade the four foolish frogs to go skating, but she's OK with them smoking? And just where does one GET frog skates, anyways? I for one am never looking at Frog Pond in the Boston Common the same way again ...

      Just like your last-minute holiday shopping, we here at the K.A.C. have late-breaking articles to show you - case in point: a few days ago we featured the crashed gingerbread Enterprise - not to be outdone, certain Star Wars fanatics have made the GIGANTIC Gingerbread Death Star! Read all about it: 

      Michelle posted this article with an excellent way to let your kids transition from belief in Santa to reality. It's a piece I wish I had available when Justin was young and it's one a lot of parents can use - give it a read:


     Following up our 'Jingle Bells' historical piece from three days ago, the BBC just ran this interesting and humorous piece on 'the surprising origins of famous Christmas carols' - fa la la la la, indeed! 

      Now WHERE was this story yesterday? Proving that not ALL the horrible Christmas stories come out of England, this late-breaking story from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, is just the thing for the K.A.C. ... an 'elf' who MACED a family for breaking the line to take pictures of Santa at a mall! My favorite part of this story is the talkbacker in the comments section who wrote: 
"She claimed it was Elf defence." 

      We close today with this: Christmas is almost here, so you can finally breathe that sigh of relief and relax - it was as harried as ever and you're glad it's done for another year. Ever wonder what Christmas of the future will look like? Take a peek in the crystal ball as futurologist Dr. Ian Pearson predicts Christmas in 2040!


     Coming Tomorrow: Our final entry for the year, all tidy and wrapped in a bow, as we ring out 2016 - we hope you'll come back one last time!




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