Saturday, December 17, 2016

K.A.C. 2016 - T - 8 ...

     Good morning and welcome back! Come take a stroll with me and my friend here - what's that, you say? Something wrong with him? No, no, he's fine - besides, it's impolite to stare. He's today's entry in our Weird Vintage Christmas Cards who's just reminding you to remember to eat your vegetables this holiday season, along with all that junk food. He's setting a rather lively pace this morning, so let's keep up with him as we take a look at all the reader submissions you've sent in!

     Confession time before we start: I've received SO MANY items from multiple people, both via Facebook and personal messages, that I'm completely flummoxed at this point of who sent what! So thank you all and give yourselves a shout out if you see your item listed here! Let's begin, shall we?

     First up, this rather ingenious design for a Christmas tree for cat owners. Rather utilitarian, perhaps (and Puss doesn't seem too happy with your choice), but it gets the job done. Who would do that, you ask? Obviously you don't own a cat ... ANY of the people in this video compilation would!



     Want to REALLY impress your guests this year? Skip the traditional gingerbread house and go large - REALLY large - with this 'crashed Enterprise'! The good folks over at show you how!

      Boy, I wish I had found this one when we started this year's edition of the K.A.C. - just THINK of the fun you could have had with the Grinch Drinking Game pouring your booze out of THIS! What's that, you say? It's not too late ... welllll, you're somewhat correct, but only if you've got DEEP pockets - to the tune of $20,000! That's one EXPENSIVE squirrel! To find out why, go here!

      The K-man returns, in this nice piece that just came out a few days ago (and true to form, I was INUNDATED by everyone with this link - thanks, I think!) - it's entitled, 'How To Blend In At An Alpine Krampus Parade', and it's good info - it's on my bucket list to attend one of these before turning up my toes!

     Finally, if you've got kids who are climbing the walls waiting for the 25th (or if YOU are), may we recommend the Google Santa Tracker, an interactive online funhouse filled with things to see and do - check it out!


     Coming Tomorrow: The best and brightest holiday ads of the year - and a few vintage contenders!

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