Friday, December 2, 2016

K.A.C. 2016 - T - 23 ...


Good morning! Our vintage card today comes from 1914 - after playing one too many of yesterday's Grinch Drinking Game and emptying out ALL of Santa's Flasks, your party probably devolved into something like this ... good luck explaining that one! It does lead us into today's main topic, however ... the mistletoe!

     This mash-up photo at left (below) should give you an excellent idea of the kind of journalistic integrity to expect in the coming month. Wait a minute, I hear you ask ... I thought this was a Christmas blog ... what's with the pic? Isn't it obvious? What could be MORE Christmas-y than KISS Under the Missle-Toe ?  :)

     Moving on ... click below to read how the holiday tradition of kissing under the mistletoe got started (courtesy of the BBC Earth website):  





     We turn now from the kissing shrub above you to what's traditionally found UNDER the tree, with a Gallic difference. Any idea what the photo on the right represents? It's a figure coming out of a mold for the traditional French Christmas santons, hand-colored terracotta figures that go with nativity scenes. The Guardian (UK) recently ran a photo article on the making of the santons and the figures that go into it - it's an eye-opening look at how different countries see the Nativity - go see! 

      Finally, while you are tastefully setting up your santons under the tree to bedazzle your friends, you're going to need something to listen to - may we suggest an alternative to those old tried and true Christmas carols? Introducing 'neural karaoke' - a computer-generated carol based on a Christmas picture you submit to the program. The lyrics are strange as anything and the computer can't carry a tune in a bucket, but get used to it ... when AI finally hits, we're ALL going to be singing these! Click on the link and give it a listen! 

 Coming Tomorrow: A visit with our mascot who's in the news AGAIN, Krampus!

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