Friday, December 9, 2016

K.A.C. 2016 - T - 16 ...

Good day to you! Did you guess our ten celebrities in the 2016 Kringle's Khristmas Kuties Kwiz? Our Kutie at left is whispering the answers ... let's listen in, shall we? In order, they were:


     # 1: Barbara Eden

     # 2: Gina Lollabrigida

     # 3: Elizabeth Taylor

     # 4: Carole Lombard (a very hard one, as this is BEFORE her signature platinum blond hair!)

     # 5: Cyd Charisse

     THE MEN:

     # 6: Jimi Hendrix

     # 7: Dean Martin (and family)

     # 8: Peter Capaldi (as Doctor Who ... and if you didn't get THAT, well ... )

     # 9: The Monkees

     # 10: Dwayne "The Rock" (and soon-to-be Doc Savage!) Johnson


     How many did you get? Now that you've exercised your eyeballs over our Holiday Honeys, we've got a NEW test to glom your glims on (sorry, all my pulp reading just kicked in there) ... let's try that again: here's a NEW Christmas Mystery to take a look at! Here's what I want you to do: take a look at the video below. It's an episode of a TV series called Your Jeweler's Showcase that originally aired on December 13th, 1953. Entitled 'Christmas Is Magic', it's an old-fashioned heartwarming story of a mother and son who take in an amnesiac vet on Christmas Eve and the magic that follows ... it's only 30 minutes, so put this on full screen, watch it and come back - we'll wait! 

     Nice, eh? Very wholesome, gives you a good holiday feeling (although boyfriend Brad (David Alpert) needs a good kick in the ass from Santa and crew). But back to the video ... here's where things get WEIRD. This show was aired once as part of the series (which in itself only lasted a year) 63 years ago. It was obviously shot on a low budget, aired and forgotten ... or was it? A number of people who saw it in its original run remembered it and brought it back for holiday showings (mostly from 16mm film syndication prints) - and with the repeated viewings, the rumors started - rumors about seeing the Face of Christ in the episode. 

      Are you familiar with the term PAREIDOLIA? Wikipedia describes is as "a psychological phenomenon involving a stimulus (an image or a sound) wherein the mind perceives a familiar pattern of something where none actually exists. Common examples are perceived images of animals, faces, or objects in cloud formations, the man in the moon, the moon rabbit, and hidden messages within recorded music played in reverse or at higher- or lower-than-normal speeds." Well, as I said, as people watched this episode over the years at church gatherings and the like, more and more people started seeing the subliminal Face of Christ during the episode, particularly at the 14 minute mark (from 14:00 to 14:25) - go back and look at the video again - when Francis Rafferty asks Robert Hutton, "May I talk to you about Bob?" - when he turns to listen to her, look right above his suit breast pocket - and decide for yourself. Personally I think it's a open and shut case of pareidolia ... while it's not impossible it was done on purpose, I find it hard to believe. The first recorded case of subliminal images in a Hollywood film wasn't until 1958, with the movie My World Dies Screaming (retitled to its more well-known moniker of Terror In the Haunted House) - as a matter of fact, they heavily promoted the use of the gimmick in their trailer - take a look! 

     So - pareidolia or the Face of Christ? A Christmas miracle or a trick of the eyes? We'll let you decide - for more on this interesting tale, head over to the Cafe' Roxy link: 


     Coming Tomorrow: A RARE forgotten Norman Rockwell illustration of Santa ... and the artist's own recipe for Christmas cookies! All this and more in hours 24!

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