Monday, December 12, 2016

K.A.C. 2016 - T - 13 ...

     Turnabout is fair play! After all those years of Thanksgiving and holiday meals, the plucked turkeys from today's Weird Vintage Christmas Card are taking matters into their own  ... ummm, WHY do they have HUMAN HANDS ??? Rather than dwell on this, let's head on in to today's topic - our annual look at Christmas Food Fails! 

           The holidays are all about food - good food, bad food and the kind of food that warms our hearts (and makes us reach for the Tums) here at the K.A.C.  I'm not even sure WHERE to begin with this one. I THINK it's supposed to be a pig, but the placement of that Christmas wreath is truly unsettling! For even MORE culinary cutups, including “Poo-dolf, the Leech-Nosed Colon Cleaner” and the jaw-dropping Baby Jesus Cake, follow this link!

      And THIS is why you always make sure there's NOT a fire going in the chimney on Christmas Eve! From the Snowman of Death on your left to my personal favorite, 'Santa's Murder Scene', here are some delicious (?) treats YOU can try to duplicate to amaze, amuse and horrify YOUR guests this season!

     Bon appetit!

     Coming Tomorrow: Dust off your tux and polish up your pearls as we take a look at what the 1% are giving (and getting) this year ... plus a look back at the most RIDICULOUS extravagant gifts from years gone by!

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