Sunday, December 13, 2020

K.A.C. 2020 - T - 12 ...


     A picture is worth a thousand words - and this picture perfectly sums up Christmas, 2020. Santa with a face mask and fist bumping tykes through plexiglass ... sigh. The Associated Press ran the story recently about the changes in store (no pun intended) for Mall Santas this year, and they're not good. Of course, you have to stop and ask yourself, "What the Hell am I doing taking my kids to a mall in the first place in the middle of a pandemic?" The original article can be found below:

           YOU may be fine with it, but it's driving Santa bugnuts - so much so that he's turning to ... other methods ... to get him through the day. We've documented Santa's run-ins with drugs before, particularly of the mushroom variety. One good hit of those and you're seeing glowing red reindeer noses, sleighs flying around the world in one night, and more! Here's two of the best entries from 2009: first, from December 2nd:


"Heigh-Ho, My Holiday Hallucinogens! Perhaps I should say "HIGH-HO" when you see today's entry ... I did promise they'd get weirder with each passing day, as we got closer and closer to the final day of the countdown. Well, look no further than today, as we investigate Santa on 'Shrooms! Yes, sadly true - the entire story is here for you to peruse:


     Next, not content to leave well enough alone, Kringle decided to invest whole hog in the Merry Muscaria Experience, and bring some Interesting Friends along, as recounted in our December 8th entry entitled Jesus, Santa, Mithra and the Magic Mushroom (aka The Atlantean Conspiracy!).

         "OK, kiddies, strap yourselves in extra-tight to your Surreal Sleighs today, as I've got a little number that is gonna mess with your heads Big-Time! Did you know that literally EVERYTHING you thought you knew about Christmas was WRONG? Did you know that Every Single Thing regarding Christmas has to do with the AMANITA MUSCARIA MUSHROOM???!!!
According to what you're about to read, it's TRUE!!! 

       It's a looooong read, but stay with it to the end, as the author makes some AMAZING connections that you DON'T want to miss! Profane? Absolutely! Blasphemous? You betcha! Weird Beyond Belief? All That And MORE!!! Just WAIT 'till you get to some of his symbology ... I don't want to spoil it for you, but if you haven't already decorated your Christmas tree, you might want to forgo the tinsel this year ... just sayin'."



     Not to end today on a total down note, but remember earlier when I reported Dr. Anthony Fauci saying Santa had 'good innate immunity'? Well, seems the NHS (National Health Service) in Great Britain didn't GET that message! Instead, they put out an ad to counter all those touchy-feely feel-good Christmas ads barraging the airwaves this time of year! To be fair, it's a very effective ad, and (for them) it IS a feel good ad ... not everybody thought so, however, including a TON of parents who were outraged! Watch it and you'll see why - maybe Santa should have stuck with social distancing after all!



     I'm not even going to TRY and top that today - back tomorrow with more!

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