Saturday, December 12, 2020

K.A.C. 2020 - T - 13 ...


     Earlier we covered the sad tale of the Brighton Christmas Tree - well, we're back with a new 'fir-ry' puzzle: when is a tree NOT a tree? Answer: when the Town Fathers lose their minds and go all in on Christmas Marmots! The Sun (UK) has the whole story, along with other misguided efforts this holiday season, including the Brighton Tree's Brit cousin, Christmas Shrubs and even a seagoing-themed tree that's ... well, see for yourself here!


     Back to the UK Christmas ads we go! First up, Coca-Cola's 2020 Christmas ad, directed by Taika Waititi!  Get your tissues ready, 'cause somebody was chopping onions when they made this one. Entitled 'The Letter', it involves one devoted father making SURE his daughter's letter to Santa gets delivered ... with a twist. Enjoy!


     Next up is Aldi's, with the return of Kevin the Carrot! Kevin is an acquired taste (pun intended) for some folks over here, but he's a legend in Great Britain, with merchandising galore. This year he winds up in another 'trying to get home in time for Christmas' scenario, with an assist from a helpful hedgehog AND a Star Trek Santa! All will be revealed when you click the link below!


     Not to be outdone, Marks & Spencer goes ALL IN on Christmas Food Porn with the first of NINE (yes, you read that right) ads, the initial one narrated lovingly by Olivia Colman - between her descriptions, the slow, loving photography and the music, you won't know whether to eat it or date it before this is done! The celebs doing these ads (including Gillian Anderson!) are donating their time, and M & S are donating their fees to the stars' favorite charities. Take a moment, then click ...


     Back tomorrow with more!

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