Thursday, December 3, 2020

K.A.C. 2020 - T - 22 ...


     Welcome back! Question: What massive tourist location has, in addition to Santa Claus year-round, 'very live humans' (wink, wink), 'not so live ones', amazing vistas and 'buildings with bad reputations'? Answer: Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg, Germany. We featured the video to this astonishing model railway museum on November 19th, 2009 - they've added Even MORE to it since then - so take five minutes out of your busy day, grab a hot beverage and play that new fun holiday game, Spot The Corpse - at the Miniatur Wonderland!


      And speaking of corpses (how often do you get to use THAT sentence?), BEHOLD in shock and awe (mainly SHOCK!) what went down in My Old Town, Brighton, Massachusetts! Like most cities and towns this time of year, the Chamber of Commerce gets a Christmas tree for the town center, lights get put on it and a festive holiday atmosphere is had by all ... welp, welcome to 2020! THIS Charlie Brown tree is what showed up and was put up - MUCH to the consternation and snarkiness of the local residents. AS one local wag put it, "If 2020 were a tree ...". This mangled mess lasted all of 11 days before being scrapped. Now you would THINK Brighton would just quietly remove it in the middle of the night and lick its wounds, but NO! Instead, they CUT the tree down and LEFT the mangled Christmas STUMP! Stay classy, Brighton! I miss you already!

     The full story of this Holiday Horrorshow can be found in the link below!

     Never let it be said we here at the K.A.C. weren't there for a friend in need. Made of mess of your tree, Bunky? Everybody laughing at you? Then contact this mum over in England - HER tree is a hit and I'm positive she could help you install a tree that people would be talking about in a GOOD way!

     Come back tomorrow for MORE Marvel-ous tales!

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