Saturday, December 19, 2020

K.A.C. 2020 - T - 6 ...


Heinrich Kley, Der Fund im Winterwalde
     Our painting today is called 'Discovery In Wintry Forest', by Heinrich Kley. He was a popular German illustrator, who was compared to Walt Disney at one time and is all but forgotten now. He had a very playful style drawing all sorts of monsters and mythological creatures. To see more of his work, click here:


   It's the time of year to settle in with your old favorite Christmas movies, or discover new ones. From Hallmark cookie-cutter weepies to cute kids films to fantasies to Christmas horrors, there's something for everyone. Ever wonder what HAPPENED to those cute kids in all those films, such as Taylor Momsen (below), seen here in Jim Carrey's live-action Grinch movie? Well, The Sun (UK) did and the results are pretty interesting - check them out here!


     Continuing with the movie theme here, want to take a guess WHICH holiday has the MOST horror/scary films associated with it? Well, Big Hint: if I'm mentioning it in this blog, I think it's pretty safe money which one to bet on - yep! For such a time of 'comfort and joy', there's also a lot of 'screaming and dread' involved with Christmas ... 'tis the season, indeed! Give a look at how YOUR favorite holiday stacked up compared to it at the link below:


     Back tomorrow with more!

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