Wednesday, December 9, 2020

K.A.C. 2020 - T - 16 ...


     As stated yesterday, our most notorious Santa image was yesterday's 'Joyful Joy' Santa, but we had plenty of runner-ups, including THIS handsome lad, made entirely of condoms! Over the years, we featured many an odd Santa and even stranger nativity scenes, such as the All-Meat Nativity (pictured below) - both of these were featured on the same day! 


     Moving on from those blasts from the past, it's time to check in across the pond and see the results of one of our favorite friendly competitions this time of year. Sports, you say? NO! The annual Christmas adverts from the UK shops and grocery stores! First up is the Waitrose & John Lewis ad, entitled 'Give A Little Love', featuring a clever back and forth between live action and different types of animation. Check it out here!

      Not to be outdone, next comes the ad from Sainsburys, or should I say ADS, as it comes in three parts, extolling the joys of traditional family foods at Christmas (NOT Meat Nativities!) - enjoy 'Gravy', 'Perfect Portions' and 'Big Sarnie'!



     Our last ad for the day is from Tescos, and it's my favorite. While the earlier ads both go for the heartstrings (and there's nothing wrong with that), I always like a bit of holiday humor is two minutes of less. Santa Hats off to the lads and lasses from Tescos marketing who came out and said what we've all been thinking to ourselves: after everything we've been through this year, there IS no Naughty List! :) So you, me, ALL OF US are in the clear - WHEW! Enjoy (without guilt)!


     More of the best ads tomorrow!

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