Thursday, December 17, 2020

K.A.C. 2020 - T - 8 ...

     Only eight days to go! Even though Christmas parties are out this year, office AND home, you can STILL make room for Festive Holiday Treats, like thi ..., ummm .... Tuna Christmas Tree! Oh, we're just scratching the surface (of the toilet bowl) with Herself the Elf here ... there's also the Glazed Potato Ring, the Duck Moussee En Gelee' and MORE! Make sure you're hungry and click below - thanks to Joann for the idea!


     But wait, you say! If I'm recreating my holiday party at home sans guests, I want to go all the way, with appetizers and everything! OK, we hear you - behold the Cherry and Banana Mold Christmas Salad! Not to your taste (or anyone's)? Not a problem  there' plenty more where THAT came from!


     Now that your appetite is REALLY peaking, on to the Main Course! Choose from the Holiday Meat Tree (seen below, with handy recipe!), the Noel Glazed Ham (NOT as delicious as it sounds), the Turkey Fruit Salad or a number of other food crimes! These will satisfy your cravings for a long time to come!

     But what about dessert, you ask? Save room, 'cause we've got a ton of choices here, too! Start off with a yummy Prune whip (seen below), or Ham Banana Rolls, served with Orange Licorice ice cream - YUM!






     Two more cornucopias of crapulousness follow: 


     Since you've been SO good about sitting through theses culinary nightmares, how about instead you treat yourself to some GOOD food, namely what would have been on the holiday menu in the time of A Christmas Carol. Everything from appetizers to roast goose to figgy pudding (below) - and all with recipes to make them yourself! There, you see, we've spared you the bad and ended with the good - it's another Christmas miracle from the K.A.C.!


      Tomorrow we hit the One Week mark, or more appropriately for this year, as they say in The Ring, "Seven Days!" See you then!

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