Thursday, December 23, 2021

K.A.C. 2021 - T - 02 Days ...

     Welcome to our penultimate edition of the 2021 version of the K.A.C. It's been an exhausting and challenging year for all of us and I hope this silly little blog has put a smile of cheer or frown of disgust on your face for a while (hey, we're not picky here!) - anyway, thanks for coming along on the journey. Now let's upend Santa's sack two more times and see what we find.

     ITEM:  Are you truly stuck for a last-minute gift item for that 'hard to buy for' person? Then take a hint from this Parker Brothers ad from 1962 - NOTHING says Christmas like a vintage OUIJA BOARD! It has answers for ALL the Really Important Questions, like, "Can we take the car?", and "Are flying saucers for real?" I could have really USED that answer back in my youth, instead of all the time I suffered neck strain watching the sky! The one I REALLY want answered is, "Who's Debbie's date for the prom?" WELL, DEBBIE??? And you thought it was only good for speaking to the dead! Click on the photo to enjoy this jawdropper full size!


     ITEM:  Fast forward by fourteen years and behold Christmas, 1976 ... bet THAT wasn't foretold in Ye Olde Ouija Board! You're going to need to feed that kid (not to mention stock up on a BOATLOAD of Hair Spray!), and for that, you're going to need these '60 Recipes From The '70s Worth Trying Today'. Hey, who DOESN'T LOVE Bacon Wrapped Spam Bites or an Oyster Cheese Appetizer Log? No, no, don't thank us ... OR give us the leftovers! 


     ITEM: Staying on the 'pictures say a thousand words' theme we've got going today, The Public Domain Review has something right up our alley you should peruse: A Pictorial History Of Santa Claus, showing him as he originally looked and how much he has changed over time. What's your favorite version? Give them all a glance below:  



      Ahem, as I said, SPEAKING of photos, the New York Times just ran an article all about 'How Sexy Grinch Spiced Up Christmas'. Good luck reading this ... don't let that whoosing sound of Dr. Seuss' coffin spinning in his grave disturb you!  


     There is NO WAY to follow up that last story, so we'll stop there. One more to go as we wrap up the 2021 K.A.C. tomorrow!

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