Saturday, December 11, 2021

K.A.C. 2021 - T - 14 Days ...


     "Only two weeks to go? But I haven't even STARTED shopping! I've still got the house to clean, and a list of things as long as my arm ... Aggghh, my heart!" 

      Hopefully YOU'RE not as stressed as Mr. N. Feratu here, but if you are, hey, not to worry - we're here to help!

     First things first - this one is especially for parents of young kids, who are most likely crawling the walls with the two-week mark before them, bursting with curiosity and wanting to know what Big Red is up to, are you SURE he's going to make it on Christmas Eve, are the reindeer healthy, etc. Lucky for you, the folks over at Festive Studios have up on their YouTube channel a LIVE, 24-hour SANTA CAM! Turn the tables on the Jolly Old Elf for a change ... you can see HIM when he's sleeping AND know when he's awake!

     It's not just Santa: Mrs. Claus stops in to check on the old boy, plus there's the Workshop Cam, where the elves are up to shenanigans as soon as Santa leaves, there's Reindeer Cam (pictured here) and a lot more! It's up and running now right up until Christmas. Let the hours of obsessed viewing begin! Of course, if YOU wind up running it non-stop, you can always say you're doing it for the children ...


     You know who else LOVE reindeer? T-REXES, that's who - ROWR! (More like 'burp', but I digress ...) - this charmer was the lucky recipient of his very own Christmas Jumper ("SWEATER, Herbie, SWEATER, how many times do we got to do this?") made for him while he resides at the Natural History Museum in London. You can read the charming story (and the MASSIVE amount of material that went into making it) here:

     And there's more from the New York Times, with an additional pic of T getting help with putting the jumper on (those tiny front arms, dont'cha know):

     Supposedly our local T-Rex at Boston's Museum Of Science is all decked out in the Christmas gear of a giant Santa hat and scarf, but he's a bashful one. I haven't found a single corroborative photograph to prove it yet - any local folks have one? If so, send it along and I'll put it up.


     Back tomorrow with lucky # 13!

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