Wednesday, December 8, 2021

K.A.C. 2021 - T - 17 Days ...


     Seventeen days to go, and I imagine Christmas shopping must look something like THIS right about now! See yesterday's entry for sending these bucolic (or bubonic) cards out this year to friends and relatives!

     Speaking of shopping, let's take a look at our next batch of UK holiday ads for 2021. Once again, get ready to tuck in, as we explore MORE food ads! First up is this year's ad from Sainsbury's, which HAS to win the award for Best Slo-Mo 2021. From the pictured gravy boat to exploding nuts, popping champagne and SO much more, it's like a roller coaster ride through some demented Giant Land - but it works (and it's pretty funny, to boot). Hang on for the ride!

     Now here's a fascinating study in contrasts. Sainsbury's gets the point across about family and friends getting to spend the holidays together to the tune of Etta James' 'At Last', and people love it. Tesco's tries the same idea, in a whirlwind ad of their own, to the tune of Queen's 'Don't Stop Me Now', and have 1500 people up in arms calling in and complaining about it! Why? I think you'd better read (and watch) it for yourself ...

      Of all the 2021 Christmas food ads, though, this one for Waitrose gets my vote for the funniest. While all the other stores go for charming, this one goes for the jugular, with a totally unapologetic Ashley Jensen saying what we'd ALL like to say ... namely, all the other holiday traditions are nice and all, but "the best bit of Christmas is the food." How many times would you like to see them do this on Great British Bake Off? :)

     We'll end this frolicsome food fest with a truly dark horse that I didn't see coming ... a Christmas themed tearjerker from ... McDonald's UK. I know, right? Head scratching and puzzled looks for everyone! Don't take MY word for it, though - watch the adventures of Matilda and Imaginary Iggy and see what you think - and while you're at it, go and renew your acquaintance with your OWN imaginary best friend from your childhood - it's been too long and besides, its the holidays. 


     More tomorrow!

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