Sunday, December 19, 2021

K.A.C. 2021 - T - 06 Days ...


     I was wondering when we'd be reporting some variation of the story below, as we have most years of running the K.A.C.

     Thinking of jetting off to see the world-famous  Gavlebocken (Christmas Goat) in Gavle, Sweden? Save your money, chum: your dreams, and the Goat, just went up in smoke! Take an acrid look for yourself! 


     Dilemma: The Kids want to see Santa, but you don't want to put them or yourself at risk going to the Mall - what to do? For the second year running, thanks to the pandemic, you can still have that moment without leaving the comfort of your own (lockdowned) home. Enter the Zoom Santa! For families or businesses who want to spice up their holiday meetings, it's a rather ingenious 'build a better mousetrap' idea to get through these never-ending challenging times. CNN has the report: 



     One thing the pandemic HAS done is given us a lot of extra time to indulge in our hobbies. When you're working from home day in and day out, there are only so many ways you can distract yourself from the same old routine, and that's where hobbies come in. The trick, of course, being all things in moderation. Say .... oh, I don't know, maybe this time of year you'd like to make some gingerbread cookies or a little house like you did when you were a kid with Mom .... OR you could go COMPLETELY stir-crazy and throw caution to the wind and devote your Every Waking Moment to All Thing GINGERBREAD! Again, all things in moderation. If YOU are feeling the siren call of the gingerbread in all of its varieties, allow us to play enabler here for a short (and sweet) moment with '20 Adorable Ginger House Ideas':  

     I'm slightly disappointed there's no Gingerbread Outhouse in there - I mean, if you've gone THIS FAR already ... maybe it's just me.


     Enjoy the rest of your weekend - we'll be back tomorrow with # 5!

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