Sunday, December 5, 2021

K.A.C. 2021 - T - 20 Days ...


     Welcome back! Our next episode of Cathode Ray Christmas involves singing ... a LOT of singing, and stealing giant cakes, and troubled kids, and bratty sisters, and Aunt Bee from The Andy Griffith Show and so much more! From the Cavalcade Of America series, originally airing on December 18th, 1956, this episode is called 'The Blessed Midnight' - if you even sang in church choir and had to wear those "dopey buster brown collars and big red bow", this MAY be sort of a horror film for you! The bigger mystery here is how Maureen O'Sullivan (pictured), who plays Sister Mary Benedict went from the jungles of Africa as Jane Porter in six Tarzan films with Johnny Weissmuller in the 1930's to a a New York parish school! Maybe it had something to do with being married to that Scrooge Charles Boyer from yesterday's Christmas TV offering! As a Christmas Bonus, it comes with the original 1956 DuPont 'Better Things For Better Living ... Through Chemistry' commercials, which slogan has taken on a whole NEW meaning in these days! Sing along!

     Since nature abhors a vacuum and since we've just spent time with the 'angels', it's only fitting we give equal time, today of all days, to the distaff side. Why today, you ask? Because it's December 5th and as every loyal reader of the K.A.C. knows, it's Krampusnacht! That bucket's looking pretty empty! He's just waitin' for all those little sinnin' boys 'n girls to scoop right up and pop right in there ... this may be a good time for YOU to look back over the last year! If you're not familiar with the traditions of this night, read up on it over at the History Things article below - just consider it yet another public service we here at the K.A.C. provide to our readers. Hey, ANYTHING to keep out of the bucket!

     From angels to devils to the dark side of the ONE person you should be able to be happy to be around this time of year ... Santa! There have been innumerable features and shorts about 'jolly old Saint Nicholas' ... this one takes that 'jolly' part and turns it on its head. 

     Be ready to quiver in your boots next time you hear the song lyric 'He sees you when you're sleepin'' as you watch JOLLY!

     Gulp! Time for us to 'head' out of here 'till tomorrow - we hope to see you then!

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