Thursday, December 16, 2021

K.A.C. 2021 - T - 09 Days ...


     Good morning! Well, maybe not, by the time you get to the end of today's entry. Gamera here sets the mood for the day as we have some TRULY Monsterific Christmas tales to share with you as we move into the single digit countdown days. 

     Our theme today is Creepy TRUE Christmas Tales! A lot of these are hair-raisers for ALL the wrong reasons - let's dive right in, shall we?

     First up, the folks at Buzzfeed just published this year's entries of "19 Christmas Horror Stories That Are So Hilariously Bad, Terrifying, And/Or Unthinkably Heartbreaking ... No Other Way To Put It". With a tagline like THAT, you KNOW you need to read it! 


    Let's change gears here and go for more traditional and historical true ghost stories of people (and Headless Dogs) who make their annual Spectral Haunt this time of year. Check our Ranker's list of "Allegedly True Paranormal Stories Revolving Around Christmas": 


Our final entry today comes from CafeMom, with the title, "5 True Christmas Ghost Stories To Keep You Awake At Night Until Santa Comes": 


      OK, enough of that - here's a few items to bring your heart and blood pressure back down to a normal level, and they both involve FOOD (couldn't fit them into yesterday's entry). First we have the story making the rounds of Kraft paying people $20 if they DON'T make a holiday cheesecake this year. What the ... ? Check out the video to see how YOU can cash in! 


We'll end the day with a rather tragic tale of gig work ... specifically that of a beloved figure we all know and revere. Hey, I get it - times are tough for everyone this year and I wish I wasn't the one who had to share this, but journalistic integrity and all that demands it be brought to light. Turns out our Jolly Old Elf has been shamefully masquerading as another icon once the sleigh's put away for the year. Oh, Claus, HOW COULD YOU? 


     More tomorrow!

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