Tuesday, December 7, 2021

K.A.C. 2021 - T - 18 Days ...


     Welcome back - have you given thought to this year's batch of Christmas cards yet? Do you still even SEND Christmas cards? Not many do, but IF you do and want something a LITTLE out of the ordinary (I'm more of a Krampus Cards kinda guy myself, when I can find them), then may I recommend these fine offerings SURE to get a second (and third) look from the folks at designarti - I'll be featuring more of their designs in the days to come, but you can see (and order) them all here:



     How did you do on yesterday's Kringle's Khristas Kuties Kwiz? Let's find out! The numbered celebs were:

    # 1 - Jamie Lee Curtis

    # 2 - John Waters

    # 3 - Christopher Lee

    # 4 - A very young Liza Minnelli

    # 5 -  The Divine Miss M, Bette Midler

    # 6 - Dolly Parton

    # 7 - Keanu Reeves, being all 'gif-y'

    # 8 - Dame Helen Mirren

    # 9 - The Christmas GOAT, aka Tom Brady

    #10 - My favorite classic Hollywood actress, Conjure Cinema's own Venus, Ms. Ava Gardner!



     We'll end today's entry with a story out of Ontario that was SUPPOSED to be charming, but is instead gaining traction as a Creepy Christmas tradition. Meet Woody, the Talking Christmas Tree. Plenty of young Canadian children have uneasy memories of Woody, while going to see Santa at the mall, and then he went away for fifteen years (Woody, NOT Santa!) - but now he's back, bigger and better than ever, and those kids who were scarred vowed they weren't going to be the only ones and marched THEIR kids to see him! The result? See for yourself in Jeanne Moos' CNN report:


          To read more about Woody from a local perspective, go here:


     My favorite quote from the article is this priceless piece:

     "The return of the bizarre display has been met with both fear and happiness.

Ontario resident Bonnie said: ‘We lived in Dartmouth throughout Woody’s previous reign of terror.

‘I hated that thing, especially because I worked at the mall and was forced to confront it every day.

‘It also loudly broadcast conversations with Santa, saying cringeworthy stuff like: Merry Christermermis Santamaclaus!’"

     Grounds enough for the flamethrower right there - thanks to Laura for the original heads-up about Woody!

     Back with more tomorrow!

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