Friday, December 3, 2021

K.A.C. 2021 - T - 22 Days ...

     Welcome back! Today we feature the first batch of 2021 Christmas ads from the various UK retailers who always have a friendly competition going of 'Who's Got the Best Ad' bragging rights for the year! Watch them all and pick your favorite - we're going to be up front and admit the very first one (from John Lewis) wins it for us. Entitled 'Unexpected Guest', it tells a touching Yuletide tale of two unlikely friends, a local lad named Nathan and a young lady from Very Far Away named Skye. It clocks in at only two and a half minutes, and is adorable. Take a look!


     Oh, and if you were hoping to score one of those John Lewis Christmas jumpers (sweaters, for those of you on this side of the pond), forget it - they sold out the ENTIRE LOT, men, women and kid's jumpers, within hours of the ad premiering!


     Next up is Marks & Spencer's 2021 ad, featuring the voices of Dawn French (of The Vicar Of Dibley fame) and Tom (Spider-Man and STILL the best LipSync Battle star) Holland, as a clumsy fairy brings Percy Pig to life and they explore all the yummy Christmas Comestibles in an after hours M & S. This one will make your mouth water - enjoy!


     Coming in third is the Case Of The Tardis Tote, aka the 2021 Boots UK Christmas ad starring former Doctor Who regular Jenna Coleman, who's up to her old tricks involving if not time, then definitely space, with a bag that's bigger on the inside (where have I heard that before?) which gives out a multitude of perfect Christmas gifts. The basic idea for the ad reminded me of Tiger By The Tail, a short science fiction story from 1951 by Alan E. Nourse that I read when I was young. Unlike this charming ad, it had a MUCH more downbeat ending! Watch the ad and ask yourself, "What would the magic bag give me for Christmas?"  


     We'll end today's Christmas commercials with this year's ad from Aldi's, featuring (who else?) Kevin The Carrot. We've covered the Kevin Cult (Kult?) in these pages before; if you're not familiar with it, just go with us here. 


     The 2021 ad is a cute spin on A Christmas Carol, with the pictured Ebanana Scrooge having to mend his wicked ways while the Spirit Of Christmas takes him on a ghostly trip though piles of mouth-watering food ... I'm not QUITE sure this is what Dickens had in mind, but what the hey - 'tis the season! Click and be enchanted! 




     That's it - more tomorrow!

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