Monday, December 13, 2021

K.A.C. 2021 - T - 12 Days ...

     Welcome back! Today's entry of the K.A.C. is slightly later than usual, as I had to completely scrap my first entry and start over. Jeff Belanger is giving a talk in two days on 'Creepy Christmas' via Zoom. I had it all written up, how to register, etc., and was just about to hit Publish, when I went back to check the link and saw the event is completely full! If another one pops up, I'll let you know. They're worth attending.

     Well, how can I fill today's column, then? When I'm usually stuck, I turn to my old standby for weird Christmas stories, my favorite tabloid, The Sun (UK). Well, wouldn't you know it, they've got not one, not two, but THREE stories that perfectly fit the bill!


Up first, are you a fan of The Grinch? No, not the type who's, "Yeah, I like it and all ...", no, man, I mean REALLY like it, like you named your dog Max and your kid Cindy Lou Who-level of liking it! Well, buddy, if this is you, pack your bags and hie thee to Ogden, Utah (!), where you can stay IN The Grinch's Cave (Grinch not included). Based on the original set designs from the live 2000 film and co-founded by Dr. Seuss Enterprises and Vacasa, you can stay there overnight for the princely sum of $19.57 (!!!), in honor of the year the book came out. See more pics and a video of the place below:



     Next up is a tale of spooky Christmas things that pop up and promise fun, thrills and Christmas Cheer ... and turn out to be Houses Of Horror and Not At All What Was Promised, and then disappear to surface the following year upon another unsuspecting public ... they're back!  Long-time readers of the K.A.C. know where this is going. Yep, the FIRST of 2021's Santa's Grotty Grottos has appeared out of the mist! Well, in this case, mud. Lots and LOTS of MUD! The SUN (UK) once again comes through for the K.A.C. (heck, at this point we should make them an official co-presenter). Pull up your stocking feet onto the couch as you (drily) read this Cautionary Christmas Carol (with video!) entitled, 'O Glum All Ye Faithful'!



     Our final story involves mystery, specifically the mystery of the wrapped gift on Christmas morning. Want to REALLY amp up the mystery? Want to be as surprised, if not more so, that your recipient? We've got THAT covered, too!

     One of the new Christmas Crazes is to get UNOPENED Christmas gifts and give them as presents. Duh, you say - no, I mean unopened gifts from total strangers that you blindly buy. Sometimes you know what they are, sometimes you only know the audience they're meant for. Confused? All will be explained at the link below ...


      Like the aforementioned gifts, it's time for us to 'cast off' - more tomorrow!

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