Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Welcome to the Kitschmas Advent Calendar 2021 !!! T - 24 Days ... and Counting !!!

      Welcome to our 2021 edition of the K.A.C.! Get set to blast off with us (and Santa, of course!) as we celebrate our lucky THIRTEENTH year of Holiday Lunacy, traveling around the globe to bring you the ridiculous stories you won't see anywhere else - no, really, if you're a long-time follower, you KNOW that's not hyperbole ... we spend months scouring the Internet for sights and sounds and stories like no other, as we count down the days 'till Christmas.

      Let's dive right in, shall we? First and foremost, if you're a fan of the K.A.C. (and who isn't?), you MUST order this book! It's called Holly Jolly: Celebrating Christmas Past In Pop Culture, by Mark Voger, and it's AMAZING! Imagine the K.A.C. in a permanent hardback edition, but covering SO much more than we do here in our annual roundup of Winter Weirdness. In fact, I'll be highlighting a number of items from Mark's book as we go along - every home should have one! You can get YOUR copy via Amazon at the link below:


      Way back in 2018 (on December 28th, to be exact), we brought you the aural oddity time machine of what it was like to be Christmas shopping at K-mart back in 1974. I thought that was one of the strangest things I'd heard in a long time ... and of course I played it in a loop over and over (and probably broke something doing it!) - Well, the Internet heard that and collectively said, "Hold our beer", and made it Even Stranger! How is that possible, you ask? 

     Thanks to Mr. Nutz (love the name!), he's taken that innocuous Christmas music and using computer animation software and a Whole Lotta Reverb, has turned it into a David Lynch-ian, unsettling holiday experience! Imagine rushing to K-mart at the very last minute, because you forgot to get a gift for that special someone ... it's late, you're driving through an icy, snowy, somewhat unfamiliar landscape, with the snow flying sideways in front of your windshield, and with a sinking feeling you KNOW you're already too late. Everyone's gone home, the store is closed, and yet ... the lights are on and the speakers are blaring Christmas music to an Empty World. Have you died on the road and didn't realize it? Is this your eternity now, alone in the Universe forever listening to spooky, ethereal holiday music in an empty K-mart lot? If you've got a good sound system (or headphones), crank this up and be mesmerized by the video! It's one of the strangest, eeriest, unintentionally (I think!) creepiest things I've seen in a while - and I can't stop playing it! :) If you find yourself as fascinated by it as I am, click on his channel - he's got four of these up - this dude is FASCINATED with K-mart (not that that's a BAD THING, mind you!), including the one where he can see the glowing sign from his Living Room Window and answers the siren call to drive to the empty lot in the middle of the night, while Eldritch Beings that may or may not be ebon-black clouds accompany him to his doom - Odysseus has nothing on this guy! Prepare to be indoctrinated into a new Christmas tradition with these videos. Spring them on people at your next holiday, with no introduction or explanation! Enjoy!


     More tomorrow!

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