Tuesday, December 14, 2021

K.A.C. 2021 - T - 11 Days ...


     Welcome back! I hope you're enjoying these 'unique' takes on traditional Christmas cards. Again, see our entry on December 7th to see how you can get yours!

     Speaking of Christmas cards (or flip cards in this case), if you didn't see last week's Saturday Night Live which Billie Eilish hosted, stop what you're doing Right Now and take a look at Lonely Christmas. If THIS doesn't make you think twice about who to invite over, NOTHING will!




     WHOA! Funny and dark as Hell at the same time - like it was MADE for the K.A.C.! Let's try and right that ship and find something a bit more innocent and upbeat for you to view. I know, try this on for size - our next rare Holiday Fable, from 1953, starring Louis Jourdan, called A String of Blue Beads. It starts at 29:10 in the link below. It is paired with A Star Shall Rise, which we've already featured here. It was, as IMDB mentions, an "unsold TV pilot for a proposed anthology series called Screen Writer's Playhouse". It's a heartwarming tale of ... uh, oh ... "
a young man with everything to live for is crushed to learn of the death of his fiancée in a fire on Christmas Eve. For three years he wallows in self-pity until a young girl reminds him of the true meaning of Christmas." Oh, boy ... The story is crushing enough, but the framing narrative of a grieving puppet Jourdan on strings being presented with puppet girls from a puppet Santa's sack has to be seen to be believed! Hey, it's got Margaret Hamilton, too! Remember Aunt Ev's hankies from a while back? Yeah, you're gonna need them again!



          Finally today, I'll spare you the photo (again) from yesterday's FB announcement of the 'Nativity Back Hair' boy ... BUT, since there was so much response to the photo, the bravest of you may want to read the whole story from 'back' in 2016, about the Idaho man who "... finds Art In Back Hair ..." I think I just found something coming 'back' up from breakfast! You know you have to read it!



     'BACK' Tomorrow - there, I'm done!

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