Wednesday, December 15, 2021

K.A.C. 2021 - T - 10 Days ...

     Good morning! We're down to the final ten days here, so let's get right to it, shall we?

     First up, would you like to help Santa with some of his crushing mail load at this time of year? Even better, would you like to BE Santa for some young child? Then you need to click below and learn about the United State Post Office's 'Operation Santa':


     Next, it's time for our annual look at Christmas Food Fails! This year we've opened it up to food fails all year round and from multiple years back. Something to make EVERYONE queasy! Take a deep breath and dive on in to any of these links!












    2021: Is this a great time to be alive, or what? NOW, on Netflix, there's actually a show called NAILED IT! which is all about ... yep, FOOD FAILS! Take a look! 

     Interested? Here's the link to this year's Holiday Edition! 


      I'm stuffed! *burp* - back tomorrow, after I find the Tums ...

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